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Faculty Proficiency Enhancement Program - FPEP

DigiVerve beleives in promoting institutional effectiveness through the development of personal, instructional, organizational and professional growth of faculty..

Faculty development is an essential element of Institutional effectiveness in promoting academic excellence and innovation. Faculty development is the reflection of the extent to which an institution engages its Faculty in various levels of learning & research activities by fulfilling the objectives and goals of the institution. In the process, Faculty also enhances their knowledge & skills with latest technologies & trends, resulting in the overall development of high quality programs and curricula.

  • Faculty Development Program
  • Innovation Development Program
  • Research Development Program
  • Faculty Development Program - FDP

    The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) intends to facilitate up-gradation of knowledge, skill and provides opportunities for faculty from different disciplines.
    We cover new concepts, methods, techniques, theory and skills development to enhance the pedagogy educational technology to keep pace with the changing scenario in Technical Education.

    Our Faculty development programmes are inline with Govt mission on teaching include the four possible types of development:

  • Personal (Interpersonal skills and career development);
  • Instructional (Course design & development, and technology);
  • Organizational (Better institutional teaching environment); and
  • Professional (Fulfill multiple roles of teaching, research, and service).

  • Innovation Development Program - IDP

    This program is designed to expose the students to challenging industrial scenario and highlight the importance of Industry- institute interaction.
    This program is aimed at inducing the spirit of innovation among the students and also train them to improve their innovative skills.

    Workshop: Involvement in Research Related activities to develop domain oriented growth.
    Seminars/Publications: Planned approach to Participate/Publish in reputed academic conferences/journals

    Research & Development Program - R&D

    R&D program is focused to create a Research Culture (for different branches) and networks for technology innovation to work on some of the world's biggest problems.
    To sow the seed of research among the students and also train students to improve their technical competence & skills especially on the latest technologies and innovation.

    Aim to agument Faculty's Research knowledge through focused Research activities in collaboration with the industry & SMEs.
    Like to promote Research Fondation through which Faculty & Students can Innovate and revolutionize with contributions from the scientific community/philanthropist.
    We believe in encouraging Faculty community taking up funded projects in collabration with industries/venture capitalists.